The Wingfeather Saga Characters
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The Wingfeather Saga Characters

by Angel Studios | April 4, 2023

The Wingfeather Saga is a best-selling book series of young adult fantasy novels and an animated series that has received great reception by viewers. This story follows the adventures of the Igiby family as they discover their true identities and face a dark evil that threatens their world. The series is known for its engaging characters, epic world-building, fantastical creatures, and emotional storytelling.

In this post, we'll dive deeper into each of the Wingfeather characters and explore their likes, dislikes, character traits, and more.

These descriptions are referenced by the information about the characters featured on Check out that page to learn more about the characters and their attributes. 

Get to Know The Wingfeather Saga Characters

The Igiby family consists of three siblings, Janner, Tink, and Leeli, along with their mother Nia and grandfather Podo. Each of them has a unique personality and set of strengths and weaknesses that make them both relatable and compelling. We will also include some other important characters to the series.

Janner Igiby

Janner Image

Janner is the eldest of the Igiby siblings and the protagonist of the series. He's a thoughtful and introspective person. Janner has a deep love for his family but wishes sometimes that he didn’t have the many responsibilities like he has. 

Likes: Janner Igiby enjoys spending time reading books. He also has a love for adventure and a desire to explore and discover new things. He’s fascinated by the creatures that roam Glipwood. As a thoughtful and introspective person, Janner appreciates quiet and reflective moments.

Dislikes: Janner dislikes anything that threatens his family or his sense of duty to protect them. He also dislikes injustice or situations where he is unable to help those in need.

Character Traits: Janner is courageous and is always willing to put himself in danger to protect his loved ones. Janner has a strong moral compass and a desire to do what is right, even if it is difficult. He is curious and enjoys learning new things, as evidenced by his love for adventure.

Tink Igiby

Tink Image

Tink is Janner's younger brother, and he's known for his love of adventure. He's always getting himself into trouble but has a heart of gold. Tink is fiercely loyal to his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means breaking the rules. He is constantly hungry and always thinking about food. 

Likes: Tink enjoys exploring and going on adventures, as well as using his mischievous sense of humor to entertain his family and friends. He loves Zibzy more than the others to show off his speed. 

Dislikes: Tink dislikes anything that keeps attention away from a possible adventure on the horizon.

Character Traits: Tink is a mischievous and adventurous character who loves to have fun and make people laugh. He has a tendency to act impulsively, often getting himself into trouble, but he is also quick-thinking and resourceful, able to think on his feet in difficult situations. Despite his mischievous nature, Tink is a kind and compassionate character who cares deeply for those around him.

Leeli Igiby

leeli igiby image

Leeli is the only girl in the Igiby family, and she's also the youngest of the three siblings. She's a talented musician and she has a fierce determination to protect her family. Despite having a crutch and a lame leg, Leeli is determined to keep up with her brothers and prove her abilities to them. She loves to sing and play the whistleharp, and her favorite food is henmeat soup. She is also known for her courage and resourcefulness.

Likes: Leeli enjoys playing music on her whistleharp. She loves her dog Nugget and spending time outside. As a determined and resourceful character, Leeli appreciates challenges and opportunities to prove herself.

Dislikes: Leeli dislikes being treated as if she is incapable.She stands up to Slarb because she dislikes bullies and anyone that takes advantage of another.

Character Traits: Despite her physical disability, she is fiercely independent and determined to prove her abilities to her family and herself. She has a kind and empathetic nature, cares deeply for those around her, and is always willing to help in any way she can. Leeli's love for her family and her unwavering determination make her a strong and admirable character.

Nia Igiby

nia image

Nia Igiby is the mother of Janner, Tink, and Leeli, and the widow of Esben Wingfeahter, who died in the Great War. Despite the challenges of raising three children on her own in a world threatened by evil forces, Nia remains a strong and loving presence in their lives.

Likes: Nia Igiby enjoys teaching her children subjects that are known as T.H.A.G.S which is Three Honored And Great Subjects- Word, Form, and Song. She also likes to relax and listen to her kids playing in the field. She is a great cook and makes every meal for the family and cookes Maggot Loaf for the Fangs as well. People also know Nia for her resourcefulness and bravery.

Dislikes: Nia dislikes the evil forces threatening their world, and the challenges of raising three children on her own. 

Character Traits: Nia is caring and supportive, and provides a safe and loving home for her children. She is brave and willing to sacrifice anything to ensure that her children are safe and cared for. 

Podo Helmer

podo image

Podo Helmer is the grandfather of the Igiby siblings and a former pirate. Despite his advanced age, Podo remains active and abhors being idle. Having faced his fair share of danger in his past, he deeply dislikes the threats that constantly loom over their world. Beneath his gruff exterior, Podo is a loving and protective grandfather who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of his beloved grandchildren.

Likes: Podo can be found chatting with the locals at Shaggy's Tavern, tending to his garden, or regaling his grandchildren with tales of his pirating days. He enjoys wood-carving, and can often be seen whittling baubles for his family or carving a new crutch for Leeli. Podo's favorite dish is grilled glipperfish, a delicacy that reminds him of happier times with his late wife, Wendolyn.

Dislikes: He dislikes the dangers of the world and most of all the Sea Dragons. Despite being a friendly soul, Podo does hold a few grudges against other residents of Glipwood. He blames Peet the Sock Man for the death of his beloved wife, and he has a long-lasting rivalry with Buzzard Willie for stealing a girl they both liked in their younger years.

Character Traits: He is caring, as evidenced by his close relationship with his grandchildren.

Oskar N. Reteep

Oskar image

Oskar N. Reteep is a scholar and a collector of books of unparalleled magnitude. He spends countless hours cataloging and committing quotes from obscure authors to memory. 

Likes: As a scholar, he appreciates the pursuit of knowledge and the intellectual stimulation that comes from reading and learning.

Dislikes: Oskar dislikes anything that distracts him from his books or interferes with his scholarly pursuits.

Character Traits: He is wise and well-read, given his passion for collecting and memorizing quotes.


slarb image

Slarb is a rebellious servant of Gnag the Nameless. He takes great pride in his ability to conquer new lands and defeat his enemies.

Likes:  Slarb has a fondness for power and enjoys exerting his authority over others.

Dislikes: Slarb dislikes those who oppose or defy his orders, and will not hesitate to use violence to quell any dissent. He also has a disdain for weakness, and will often taunt or bully those whom he deems inferior to himself. Slarb has a vendetta against the Igiby family for outwitting him on multiple occasions, but he also hates many of his fellow Fangs who consistently mock him for his cowardice. 

Character Traits: Slarb is fiercely devoted to his master Gnag the Nameless and will do anything to serve and protect him. He is quick to resort to violence and intimidation to achieve his goals, and does not shy away from confrontation.

Peet the Sock Man

peet image

Peet the Sock Man, who is also known as Artham P. Wingfeather serves as the Throne Warden for the royal Wingfeather family of Anniera. 

Artham came to Glipwood to protect the Wingfeather children after failing to protect Esben. He lived in a treehouse in the Glipwood Forest for years and started knitting socks to hide his talons. Due to his unstable mental state, Nia and Podo barely recognized him and he became known as Peet the Sock Man. Despite his eccentricities, Peet is a kind and helpful person in Glipwood.

Likes: Peet the Sock Man is a quirky and eccentric character who has a deep love for socks. 

Dislikes: He dislikes and is extremely uncomfortable around Fangs, who he perceives as aggressive and intimidating. Additionally, he is fearful of Podo.

Character Traits: Peet is eccentric, cautious, and protective. He is known for his odd behaviors and quirks, such as his love for socks and his tendency to talk to himself.

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