When Will The Wingfeather Saga Season 2 Come Out?
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When Will The Wingfeather Saga Season 2 Come Out?

by Angel Studios | July 21, 2023

A new season of The Wingfeather Saga will hit the Angel Studios app next year, and we’re here to give you all the information you need about this launch. The powerful show follows the magically gifted Wingfeather family as they defeat evil and overcome danger, all with the help of their mother and ex-pirate grandfather.

The Wingfeather Saga Season 2 Release Date

When will you and your family be able to enjoy the second season of The Wingfeather Saga? You won’t have to wait long. The season premiere is slated to air in Spring 2024, followed by weekly episode releases, for a total of seven episodes. 

Image of The Wingfeather Saga Season 2 Poster

What to Expect in Season 2

The Wingfeather Saga is based on the exciting book series by the same name. Season 1 premiered in December 2022 and covered book one of the series, “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness.” Season 2 of the show runs through about half of the second book of the series ”North! Or Be Eaten.” 

Fans can expect Season 2 to be a darker, more thrilling installment in the Wingfeather family’s story.  Our beloved siblings Janner, Kalmar (Tink), and Leeli have been on the run from Gnag the Nameless' armies ever since he discovered them in Season 1. In Season 2, we’ll see the family flee to the north, split up and face difficult, life-changing decisions. The siblings will run into trouble, encountering stranders, fangs, and other dangerous foes. 

Season 2 of The Wingfeather Saga will be filled with more of the mesmerizing art and animation you came to love in Season 1. The first season’s unique "paint-motion" animation will return in beautiful form, utilizing unreal engine and hundreds of hand-painted backgrounds. 

Perhaps the most exciting of the second season’s developments is the addition of several exciting new cast members: Billy Boyd, Eva Whittaker, Christopher Robin Miller, Ezra Knight, Lesley Nicol, and Will De Renzy-Martin.

Cast Announcements

Image of Billy Boyd Character Announcement

Billy Boyd as Overseer

The actor: Born in Scotland, Billy Boyd began acting when he was just ten years old. He attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. When Billy auditioned for the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, director Peter Jackson came out to Scotland to meet him and to see his audition personally. His role of Pippin in The Lord of the Rings franchise is highly regarded and his best-known performance.

The character: Overseer is the main villain of Season 2. 

Image of Lesley Nicol Character Announcement

Lesley Nicol as Nurgabog

The actor: Lesley Nicol, an award-winning English actress, got her start in college at the Manchester Library Theatre. Lesley graduated from London's Guildhall School of drama in the early 1970s and became a stage actress, performing in musicals like Mamma Mia, Our House, and HMS Pinafore. Since 2010, Nicol has reached a worldwide audience as Mrs. Patmore in the wildly popular drama Downton Abbey.

The character: Nurgabog is a strander. She is the grandmother of Maraly Weaver and the mother of Claxton Weaver. 

Image of Will De Renzy-Martin Character Announcement

Will De Renzy-Martin as Claxton Weaver

The actor: Will De Renzy-Martin is a talented British actor with a passion for telling other people’s stories. He graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he discovered his knack for voiceover work. He’s known for his work in Real Haunts, Spire City: Blood and Betrayal, and Sakra

The character: Claxton Weaver is the notorious Strander King from the East Bend. 

Image of Eva Whittaker Character Announcement

Eva Whittaker as Maraly Weaver

The actor: Eva Whittaker is a young Irish actress. Eva studied at her local performing arts school in Kildare, Ireland, where she became interested in acting. In 2017, she landed the role of Mebh Óg MacTíre in the movie Wolfwalkers. Since then she has appeared in TV commercials, in voice acting roles, and in the stage production of The Sound of Music.

The character: Maraly Weaver is the daughter of Claxton Weaver, the Strander King. 

Image of Christopher Robin Miller Character Announcement

Christopher Robin Miller as Mobrik

The actor: Christopher Robin Miller is a veteran performer with over 30 years of experience, Christopher has performed voiceover work for NINTENDO, IMAX, and  several commercial campaigns. He’s had roles in many film and TV projects on Hallmark, AppleTV, CBS, Disney Channel, and HBO, as well as in major motion pictures with directors Rob Reiner, Steven Soderbergh, and Tim Van Patten. 

The character: Mobrik is the Overseer’s trusted Ridgerunner. 

Image of Ezra Knight Character Announcement

Ezra Knight as Ronchy McHiggins

The actor: Ezra Knight is a talented actor from Atlanta, Georgia. Ezra is known for his roles in The Tender Bar, Law & Order, and Matthew

The character: Ronchy McHiggins is the owner of The Roundish Widow, a popular watering hole in Dugtown that the Wingfeather family visits. 

Catching up on the Wingfeather Saga Season 1

Excited to see where the new season of The Wingfeather Saga takes our favorite magical friends? Get ready for the Wingfeather family’s new adventures—and make sure the beginning of the story is fresh in your mind—by catching up on the first season of the show. You can watch Season 1 of The Wingfeather Saga on the Angel Studios app, at Angel.com, or via either your mobile device or your television. Be sure to get all caught up on the gang’s friends, enemies, and adventures by the next season’s release in Spring 2024!

Where to Watch The Wingfeather Saga Season 2

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