Tuttle Twins Season 1 Available Now Exclusively on new Angel App from Angel Studios

Featuring all of Angel Studios’ Popular Crowdfunded Original Content Including Tuttle Twins, Freelancers, and Dry Bar Comedy, New App Serves as Home for Stories that Amplify Light.

Provo, UT—October 12, 2021—Updated January 19, 2024

Angel Studios, the new platform helping creators to crowdfund and distribute content that amplifies light, is proud to announce the launch of the Angel App. The App—a new home for all Angel Studios original, crowdfunded content—exclusively features Tuttle Twins, Season 1 beginning October 12th as well as other hit series such as  Dry Bar Comedy and Freelancers

“The constant flood of negative news is difficult enough for adults to process, and yet so often we forget about the impact on kids. How do we help them understand what they’re seeing, and how can we provide children hope that they can realize a tomorrow that is better than today? This series, which is as fun as it is educational, aims to impact 100 million children with the most hopeful and inspiring message in the world—freedom,” said Daniel Harmon, Creator of Tuttle Twins. "We expect our message of freedom to get an extra boost from all of Angel's marketing by being the first show to launch in the Angel App.”

The Tuttle Twins is an animated, crowdfunded TV show based on the award-winning, bestselling kids book series by Connor Boyack that has sold more than 3 million copies. The series teaches kids the values of freedom. Last spring, the show broke the record for the #1 crowdfunded kids show in world history. 

TUTTLE TWINS follows the lovable characters as they journey through time on a wheelchair time machine to teach kids about the foundational principles of freedom, including free-market capitalism, personal freedom, and more.

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