Angel Studios Announces New Film SOUND OF FREEDOM Starring Jim Caviezel In Theaters Nationwide July 4

The True Life Story of a Federal Agent who Quit His Job and Devoted His Life to Rescuing Children Around the World from Human Trafficking

“This Is the Second Most Important Film I’ve Done Behind PASSION OF THE CHRIST” —Jim Caviezel

Provo, UT—May 17, 2023

Angel Studios, the platform empowering filmmakers with full creative control to crowdfund, create, and distribute films and TV series globally, is announcing the debut of the highly-anticipated new film, SOUND OF FREEDOM, coming to theaters nationwide beginning July 4. The film is based on a true story of one man’s heroic efforts as he embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue children from human traffickers.

“SOUND OF FREEDOM is respectfully and stunningly filmed, based on real events of undercover heroes bringing hope to many,” said Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios. “This film will keep audiences on the edge of their seats with suspense and encourage all of us to take action.”

Starring Jim Caviezel (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, FREQUENCY, DEJA VU), Academy Award Winner Mira Sorvino (THE FINAL CUT, “Psych,” AFTER EVER HAPPY), Bill Camp (12 YEARS A SLAVE, “The Queen’s Gambit,” JOKER), José Zúñiga (TWILIGHT, “Madam Secretary,” “American Crime Story”), Eduardo Verástegui (UNPLANNED, SON OF GOD, PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2), who is also a producer, and written and directed by Alejandro Monteverde (Toronto winner “Bella” and "Little Boy”).

“I am so proud to be a part of this impactful film,” said Jim Caviezel, who portrays the lead. “In fact, I’d say this is the second most important film I’ve done after THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.”

Watch the trailer:

SOUND OF FREEDOM, based on the incredible true story, shines a light on even the darkest of places. After rescuing a young boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent learns the boy’s sister is still captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.


  • SOUND OF FREEDOM is directed by Alejandro Monteverde (LITTLE BOY, BELLA) written by Alejandro Monteverde and Rod Barr, and produced by Eduardo Verástegui.

  • Using patent-pending technology Angel Studios developed for its original series “The Chosen,” fans can “pay it forward” by buying SOUND OF FREEDOM movie tickets for others to watch for free. Pay it forward details can be found here:

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