Cabrini: International Release Dates
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Cabrini: International Release Dates

by Angel Studios | February 8, 2024

How Long Will Cabrini Be Showing in Theaters?

Cabrini, the powerful true story of one woman’s unmitigated courage and defiant compassion in a land that shuns her people, is moving and amazing a growing audience. 

As demand fluctuates, Cabrini will remain in theaters as long as possible based on ticket sales. Due to a strong start in the presale stage, we are optimistic that Cabrini will enjoy a lengthy stay in cinemas worldwide. 

You can help us keep Cabrini in theaters for as long as possible when you Pay it Forward, which helps to increase demand, bring your community to the theater, and ensure that Cabrini’s inspiring story touches as many lives as possible.

What are the Current Plans for International Releases?

Please contact your local cinema for showtimes in countries that do not have links.

  • March 7 - Hungary

  • March 8 - Australia

  • March 8 - France

  • March 8 - Croatia

  • March 8 - South Africa

  • March 8 - Taiwan

  • March 8 - UK - Sneak Peek

  • March 15 - UK - Full Release

  • March 21 - Mexico

  • March 22 - Brazil

  • More countries are being added weekly

The above list is not complete and will continue to grow as Cabrini is approved to play in more locations worldwide.

Cabrini’s powerful message and storytelling are already captivating audiences in the US and Canada, and we’re beyond excited for Francesca Cabrini’s incomparable story to reach the entire world. 

Pay It Forward.
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