Angel Studios Announces DAVID Movie Surpasses “The Chosen” as #1 Crowd Funded Media Project in History

DAVID Movie Remains Open For Investment With $11M Left To Raise.

Provo, UT—March 26, 2023—Updated April 12, 2023

DAVID, an animated feature film about the biblical story of David, Israel’s warrior, champion, and king, has officially become the largest audience funded film production of all time. The company behind DAVID, Slingshot USA, have raised $49.7 million across all investment rounds, out of its $60.9 million required project budget. The film is planned for a worldwide theatrical release in 2025. The Chosen previously held the record from its season one raise of $11 million.

“The funding success of DAVID is a perfect example of Angel Studios’ approach in allowing the audience to support exactly what they want to see” says Executive Producer and Slingshot USA Director Phil Cunningham. "It's wonderful to be making a movie with such a broad community of investors and supporters behind us, and we are very excited to be telling one of the greatest stories of human history. David's story is very important and speaks to a huge global faith community. It remains one of the best-known biblical stories outside of the faith community; we feel a huge sense of responsibility to make a movie that is epically entertaining, deeply authentic, and can stand alongside the very best major studio movies in terms of quality."

Slingshot USA is accepting investments in this current Regulation A funding round until March 31st to make this film come to light. The original investors and creator behind DAVID produced a 5-minute proof of concept that supporters can watch to catch a vision of this project.

Watch it here:


  • DAVID is an epic movie that is biblically authentic while standing alongside the likes of Moana and Tangled for quality and entertainment value.

  • Tim Tebow joins DAVID as Executive Producer and Nick Vujicic as Associate Producer

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About Angel Studios

Angel Studios is the home of stories that amplify light. Through its platform, thousands of “Angel” investors choose which titles will be created, funded, and distributed. Angel Studios allows creators and audiences to form passionate communities around their creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project itself. The studios’ first projects—The Chosen and Dry Bar Comedy—have earned billions of views around the world. Learn more at Angel.comAbout DAVIDDAVID is a major animated feature film created for a wide audience to share the epic Biblical story of David with families across the world. The creator’s vision is a cinematic masterpiece that can stand proudly alongside the most iconic films in the history of this genre. David is one of the most inspiring characters in human history. Warrior, poet, shepherd, and king, David’s life is one of incredible color and energy. It’s the ultimate underdog story. David is being produced by Slingshot USA, which owns the DAVID demo and the intellectual property and rights associated with the DAVID movie.

Disclosure: The issuer, Slingshot USA, LLC entered into a Campaign Booster and Loan Agreement with Angel Studios, Inc. and granted Angel Studios an option to distribute the film as consideration for Angel Studios providing a monetary loan as well as assistance and expertise in the series/film production and advertising space while Slingshot USA is trying to raise money to fund the production of DAVID. If Angel Studios exercises the option to distribute the film, Angel Studios will share in the revenues generated by the film. Slingshot USA may also use a portion of any proceeds of the Regulation A funding round to repay the loan from Angel Studios.