Angel Studios Acquires Distribution Rights for PHARMA from Simple Jane Films

Based on a True Story, PHARMA Shines a Light on One Woman’s Relentless Fight to Keep a Life-Threatening Drug Off the Market.

Provo, UT—May 16, 2022—Updated January 19, 2024

Angel Studios, the streaming platform behind the most successful crowdfunded shows of all time including TUTTLE TWINS and DRY BAR COMEDY, is pleased to announce it has acquired the distribution rights from Simple Jane films in order to crowdfund the upcoming film PHARMA, the highly-anticipated story of Dr. Frances Kelsey’s heroic struggle with the FDA, fighting to expose the biggest unmonitored drug trial in U.S. history.

"We believe that the story of PHARMA is more relevant now than ever. So many in our society are frustrated by the problems we face, and this story of one woman who refused to stay silent and changed the world will inspire current and future generations,” said Jordan Harmon, Co-founder of Angel Studios. “We’re so excited to work with Ashley and her team to bring the story of this courageous whistleblower to light."

“With Angel Studios behind us, Dr. Kelsey’s explosive and inspiring story will reach a global audience that needs to experience it,” said Ashley Bratcher, CEO and co-founder of Simple Jane Films.

PHARMA tells the true story of a courageous young doctor who takes a job with the FDA in 1960 and moves her family to Washington, D.C. There she is thrust into a man's world where big pharma pulls the strings. She risks her marriage, career and even her life uncovering the truth to save the lives of thousands, fighting to keep a life-threatening drug off the market. Producer and Actress Ashley Bratcher, who starred in the box office hit UNPLANNED, will play a supporting role in PHARMA as Dr. Barbara Moulton, who worked at the FDA around the same time as Kelsey. She became one of the first whistleblowers in the U.S. The project marks Bratcher's producing debut under her new production company, Simple Jane Films. Nicole Weider of Weider Entertainment has joined the film as Executive Producer. Simple Jane is committed to help ordinary women tell extraordinary stories that bring people together and inspire positive change. 

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About Simple Jane Films

Simple Jane Films is a media company founded on one solid mission: bring people together through stories that inspire positive change. Ashley Bratcher and Shelby Thomas joined forces to provide a launching pad for other Simple Janes, everyday women making a difference in the world. Both Ashley and Shelby serve as consultants for projects from script to screen. SJF specializes in content development, teambuilding and distribution strategy.