Everything You Need to Know About Truth & Conviction
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Everything You Need to Know About Truth & Conviction

by Angel Studios | May 30, 2023

In a world where truth is often overshadowed by indifference, there are stories that remind us of the power of unwavering beliefs and the courage to take a stand. One such remarkable tale is that of Helmuth Hübener, a 16-year-old boy who defied the Nazis during World War II. This blog will delve into the upcoming limited series, Truth & Conviction, which brings to light Helmuth's inspiring journey and the importance of telling stories of untold heroes. Let’s explore Helmuth's legacy and dive into everything you need to know about Truth & Conviction.

The Story of Truth & Conviction

At the heart of Truth & Conviction lies a gripping narrative that captures the essence of Helmuth Hübener's defiance. Driven by the arrest of his Jewish friend, Helmuth finds himself compelled to take a courageous stand against the Nazi regime. With the support of his two best friends, Karl and Rudi, he leads a remarkable resistance that takes them all the way to the highest court in Nazi Germany. This four-part limited series serves as a testament to the indomitable spirit of youth in the face of oppression.

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The backdrop of World War II has always fascinated audiences, and Truth & Conviction aims to captivate a global audience much like renowned films that came before it. From the emotional impact of Schindler's List to the harrowing intensity of Dunkirk and the profound storytelling of Saving Private Ryan, these films have transcended borders and touched the hearts of millions. With its unique perspective on teenage resistance fighters in Nazi Germany, Truth & Conviction is poised to make its mark on the film and television industry.

Helmuth's story compels us to reflect and challenges us to consider what we would have done in the face of such adversity. It urges us to ask, "What can I do now?"

Drawing from the firsthand account of Karl-Heinz Schnibbe, the last surviving member of the Hübener Group and one of Helmuth's closest friends, Truth & Conviction presents an authentic portrayal of the complex bond between a young resistance fighter and the relentless Gestapo agent tasked with hunting him down. The series explores the profound consequences of their opposing beliefs, highlighting the clash between righteousness and duty.

When Will Truth & Conviction Come Out?

There is no release date announced as it is just beginning to crowdfund. 

The Cast of Truth & Conviction

Casting is yet to be announced as the crowdfund will be shortly underway. Stay tuned for more updates after Truth & Convicted gets fully crowdfunded. 

How to Support Truth & Conviction

On the historic day of June 6th, which marks D-Day, we invite you to be a part of this extraordinary project. The crowdfund for Truth & Conviction launches on this momentous day. By supporting this series, you are not only helping to bring Helmuth Hübener's story to life but also ensuring that the world hears the untold stories of heroes like him. Together, let's uncover the truth and inspire a generation.

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