Discover the Top 6 Female Comedians Shaking Up Stand-Up
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Discover the Top 6 Female Comedians Shaking Up Stand-Up

by Angel Studios | October 3, 2023

A New Era of Comedians

In a soceity where vulgar comedy reigns supreme, a new breed of comedians is on the rise that threatens to disrupt the very fabric of society. They're hilarious, they’re clever, they’re funny for everyone, and most shockingly, they're female. A combination of this caliber is unprecedented in our lifetime and has sent shockwaves through the comedy world, leading scientists to question the very foundation of humor.

With this unexpected surge in clean female comedians, we found it necessary to open an urgent investigation to determine if these six women are in fact guilty of being funny. If you dare, read on to discover the shocking evidence we uncovered. 

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1. Leanne Morgan

She’s southern. She’s sassy. And she’s a suburban stay-at-home mom. Hardly the makings of a quick-witted, hysterical stand-up comedian, right? Wrong. This trailblazing clean female comedian burst onto the scene thanks to her unflinching authenticity and unfiltered commentary on aging, parenting, marriage, and you guessed it, colonoscopies. Turns out having kids worked in her favor as she can now use them as the punchline in all her jokes and make millions doing it. 

See her southern charm take center stage on her Dry Bar Comedy special “So Yummy”  

Also, see why she claims working out is not worth it:

2. Karen Morgan

We know what you’re thinking, how could someone named Karen possibly be funny? Stay with us, we’ll explain. 

A typical Karen would walk into a Target and immediately ask to speak to the manager after 17-year-old employee Amanda refused to dry her wet shopping cart. 

But Karen Morgan is not your average Karen. As told in her Dry Bar Comedy special “Go Dawgs,” this proud 50-year-old clean female comedian walked into Target, ignored Amanda as she refused to dry her wet shopping cart, and beelined for the clothing section to fill her dripping shopping cart with the latest toddler t-shirts to soak up all the water. Talk about a boss.

Karen Morgan is a mom of two with no patience for moody teenagers. See for yourself in her Dry Bar Comedy special “Go Dawgs”

3. Erica Rhodes

As an aging 30-something blonde millennial with a distinctly high-pitched voice and no kids, you’d think Erica Rhodes' comedy career would be plummeting. Turns out, all of those flaws have made her quite the witty clean female comedian. From offering hilarious commentary on creepy male comedians to enduring relentless judgment from her mother about her career choices, Erica Rhodes is the voice of reason for an entire generation.   

Learn how to stop lying about your age in her Dry Bar Comedy special “20 Year Olds Don’t Matter”

4. Jenna Kim Jones

Jenna Kim Jones isn’t your typical clean female comedian. She’s a clean female comedian who does Zumba. And gets winded from blow drying her hair. And has little to no upper body strength. While those accomplishments make Jenna seem untrustworthy, trust us when we say she’ll have you laughing all the way to the gym—or more accurately: laughing all the way through your hot girl walk.

See how Jenna reacted to seeing herself in Walmart’s security camera in this Dry Bar Comedy special “Fun to Hug”

5. Jasmine Ellis 

In a society where mistrust of Disney adults is skyrocketing, Jasmine Ellis is here to set the record straight: You can be a clean female comedian AND a perfectly well-behaved Disney adult. And no, it’s not just women who go gaga for Disney. After a magical honeymoon to Disneyworld, Jasmine realized her husband was the Disney fanatic she never saw coming. 

See justice served for Disney adults everywhere in her Dry Bar Comedy special “Nobody’s Queen”

Also, see what her dream job would be if she wasn't a comedian:

6. Julia Scotti 

Turns out a 65-year-old woman can have a killer sense of humor. Who would have thought? And it turns out Julia Scotti is the geriatric clean female comedian we never knew we needed. She bravely invites us into the mysterious psyche of her aging female brain and reveals some of her biggest fears: being charged by an elk, choking on pretzels, and having to go to the bathroom four times a night. 

Prepare for your golden years with Julia’s Dry Bar Comedy special “Jersey Fresh”

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