His Only Son Movie Release Date
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His Only Son Movie Release Date

by Angel Studios | February 9, 2023

His Only Son Movie Release Date

His Only Son Movie Poster

His Only Son

His Only Son recounts one of the most controversial moments in the Old Testament—when Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain of Moriah. While traveling to the place of the sacrifice, alongside Isaac and two servants, Abraham is flooded with vivid memories from the years he and Sarah spent longing for the son they were promised—the son he must now lay upon the altar.

His Only Son
 is making history as the first-ever crowdfunded film to have a nationwide theatrical release. 

In partnership with Angel Studios, the film’s crowdfunding campaign raised more than $1,235,000 for prints and advertising costs.

Where Can I Watch His Only Son?

His Only Son will premiere in theaters across the country.

His Only Son Release Date

You can watch this up-and-coming film on March 31, 2023. To purchase tickets, visit angel.com/son.

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