Angel Studios Takes President's Day Week Off
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Angel Studios Takes President's Day Week Off

by Angel Studios | February 18, 2023

Dear Angel Fans, 

Angel Studios will be taking a much-needed break during the week of President's Day in the United States (February 19-26). 

My brothers and I grew up in Idaho and during the potato harvest, we worked for local farmers. The harvest season consisted of 16-hour days over the course of several months as we worked tirelessly to beat the frost and get the potatoes out of the ground. 

Neal Harmon Drives Spud Truck in Idaho

At Angel Studios, we started our own harvest in the Fall of 2022. We knew we needed to put all our efforts into launching the Angel Studios app and premiering Season 1 of The Wingfeather Saga. We asked our team to work extra hours, sacrifice time with family, and contribute all of their time and talents leading up to and through the holiday season. 

When we were teenage boys and the potato harvest ended, we would spend extra time sleeping, catching up with our friends and family, and celebrating our efforts. One local farmer would even fill up his fields with water and we would drive our four-wheelers through the mud. It was a blast! 

From the examples of these farmers, we want our team to have that same freedom this upcoming week. We’re giving everyone the whole week off to travel, work on home projects, go on date nights and family outings, and sleep, sleep, sleep. 

We plan on coming back Monday, February 27 more ready than ever. Amazing things are coming up for Angel Studios, and we’re so excited for you to see what we do next. 

Thank you for your ongoing support, 

Neal Harmon
Co-founder and CEO
Angel Studios

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