Is After Death a Christian Movie?
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Is After Death a Christian Movie?

by Angel Studios | October 25, 2023

After Death is an earth-shattering deep dive into the afterlife—the composite of several near-death experiences (NDEs) and years of diligent research into this end-of-life phenomenon. The movie combines individual stories and scientific analysis to paint as complete a picture as possible of the realm beyond this life. 

This otherworldly film hits theaters on October 27, 2023! Due to the movie’s subject matter, many wonder if they need to have a religious or spiritual background in order to enjoy and appreciate its contents.  Read on to discover how After Death can inspire and move you, no matter your background or belief system.

What is After Death About?

After Death offers viewers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pull back the curtain and glimpse life after death through the eyes of those who’ve been able to visit. Scientists, medical experts, New York Times bestselling authors, and other survivors speak candidly about their brief—and less brief—trips to the afterlife. These near-death experiences vary in some details, but paint a remarkably consistent picture of the life that awaits. 

Skeptics of the NDEs assert that the phenomenon can be easily explained without the spiritual; they claim that the endorphins and other chemicals fired off in one’s brain as they draw their final breath can cause vivid hallucinations, even those of grandeur, new places, religious figures, and loved ones. The After Death movie does not shy away from this theory or the broader science behind the phenomenon; on the contrary, the film features medical and scientific experts who have extensively studied NDEs, and they present specific medical evidence (neurological activity, peculiar phenomena inconsistent with the end-of-life hallucination theory, etc.) that can give pause to even the most hardened skeptic.

The film’s tagline speaks to this, “Some saw light. Others saw darkness. All of them returned.” While near-death experiences are unique for most and contains distinct and varying details specific to the individual, there are remarkable and essential commonalities in almost every NDE examined. For example, almost every individual describes leaving their body, viewing it from a high vantage point in the room, feeling heightened senses, and not being weighed down by gravity or other mortal restrictions. They describe arriving at a light brighter than any earthly counterpart, and hearing glorious music that can’t be described in the words of any of Earth’s languages. In the presence of this light— no matter their life experiences or even some individuals’ brief visits to hell—interviewees describe feeling incomparable love and peace, especially from the light and deities they encounter on the other side.

In summary, the After Death movie is an inspiring (and at times harrowing) odyssey into the heavenly realm, given to us by the privileged few who have been there and back.

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Is After Death Religious?

After Death is an otherworldly glimpse into life after this one. The movie’s firsthand accounts of what’s behind death’s door detail some heavenly encounters with deity, in addition to other highly spiritual experiences.

Most of the people in the film who have experienced an NDE describe seeing a figure. Most describe the figure as God, and detail both their conversations with Him as well as what He made them feel (love, acceptance, peace, etc.). This frequent discussion of religious themes brings a unique spiritual aspect to the film. However, viewers from all religious affiliations—including those who identify with no religious belief system— will be able to be inspired by the movie. 

Is After Death Christian? 

After Death’s religious overtones are at times very Christian but can offer immeasurable value to Christians and non-Christians alike. 

When some individuals go through an NDE, they report seeing or meeting Jesus Christ. Some in the movie describe conversing with Him, and even being rescued by Him after being dragged down to what can be described as “hell.” The concept of there being two distinct and opposite destinations for the soul—namely, heaven and hell—is a very Christian theme. 

Though the film is still accessible and suited to those of all religions and creeds, these motifs give After Death a strong Christian undertone. Viewers of all walks of life are sure to find inspiration from the film’s discussion of love, grace, and other principles at the core of Christian belief.

Is After Death For Me?

Like the individuals with real-life NDEs interviewed in the film, those inspired and delighted by After Death come from all walks of life. 

For one, the After Death film offers a wealth of insight to those who are curious about what happens after we die. Several individuals’ near-death experiences are very well documented in the After Death movie and, while they vary in select details, they come together to paint an enthralling picture of what it’ll be like to leave this mortal realm. The film’s content is just the thing to satiate those who are curious, as well as to stoke their questions and encourage further exploration. 

After Death is meant to “meet you in your grief and give you hope in heaven.” The stories, research, and perspectives in After Death can be a valuable source of solace for those grieving a loved one. Near-death experiences, as described in the film by those who know, are believed to include heartwarming encounters with loved ones and deities, as well as feelings of overwhelming love and peace. For those who long for loved ones recently lost, the hope that those loved ones were greeted in the hereafter with such loving embraces is deeply comforting.

Regardless of religion or belief system, people who believe in heaven and hell will find After Death very compelling. In this life, even the very religious lack knowledge of the specific details of humanity’s eternal destination. The eyewitness accounts in After Death meaningfully bridge that gap, and provide believers with information to contemplate and incorporate into their own studies on the afterlife.

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See After Death in Theaters

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